533 Langevin Street

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533 Langevin Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba

While the building and foundation of this house were sound, the old features and dark undertones gave it an unattractive look.

The rooms in were small and poorly lit that made them feel cold and uninviting.


Lexman Design equals new look

Lexman’s expertise and design skills modernized the interior to be light and airy.  All dark features of the home were transformed, ready to be called a home by a small family, couple, or single person.

Dingy and dark kitchen

Basic fixtures, broken cabinets , and old flooring made this kitchen disfunctional and dingy. A poorly planned layout offered little in the way of style or function.

Having a kitchen that is too dark, too small, and too uninviting makes for an unhappy home.


Kitchen becomes the heart of the home

Lexman’s know-how made this kitchen the heart of the home with light colours, functional cabinets, new flooring, and revitalized countertops.  

Breathing new purpose and life into a room sets Lexman apart.  Lexman takes pride in using new and creative ideas to transform a room into an inviting living space.

Sad seating area

A sad seating area was not a place where anyone could curl up and read a good book.

Dark paint did not contrast with the dark-stained wood floors.

To make this room work, a few simple tweaks would make all the difference.


Inviting room to sit and relax

This room was transformed into an inviting seating area where anyone would want to spend an afternoon or evening.

The newly painted walls contrast the wood floors and white ceiling to reflect the sunlight making this room feel like you’re in a spa!

An aging bathroom

The bathroom’s features had been replaced piecemeal throughout the years, resulting in a space that felt a little bit lost in time.

Most importantly, the fixtures and storage just weren’t working in this area of the house.


Bathroom enters a modern era

The changes to the bathroom helped the small room feel more spacious — and also bring the bathroom into a modern era without losing its charm.

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