611 Victor Street

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611 Victor Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba

The kitchens left much to be desired. A mix of dreary cabinets, bubbled vinyl flooring and dingy beat up walls overwhelmed the design and visually shrank the space. 

Kitchens are the focal point of a home, and the design had to be both functional and beautiful. The kitchens needed to feel big enough to fit a family, but still cozy enough to invite friends over.


Kitchen renovation like no other

The new kitchens now have an open and airy feel with white cabinets and updated flooring. The light colours now provide an inviting space to cook and entertain.

It’s now a gathering place where friends can catch up on each other’s lives, and enjoy a quiet moment to reflect.

Dingy and dark bedrooms

The bedrooms were dark and dingy with floors that were chipped and faded.  The walls were worn and in bad repair.

The windows let in limited light that made it feel like the bedrooms were in the basement.


Light and fresh bedrooms

We reimagined the bedroom spaces. With a mix of clean and modern lines and beautiful detailed modern flooring, we brought warmth back into these rooms.

The windows now let in lots of natural warmth and light that will entice you to spend all day in bed with a good book or catch up on your favourite series.

Bathrooms that were falling apart

The bathrooms were in a state of disrepair. The sinks, bathtubs, and vanities were all falling apart.

Old paint and wallpaper covered the walls and ceilings. Old, faded, and mouldy tiles covered the floor.

There were stains on the bathtubs and toilets, along with numerous chips and scratches.


Bathrooms like a spa

With its clean, modern lines and ample storage, the new bathrooms are a perfect example of classic design paired with practical, modern features.

From the updated vanities to the stylish lighting fixtures, the bathrooms were designed for efficiency and convenience.

Lifeless living rooms

The living rooms had all the wrong ingredients for a cozy, inviting space. 

These spaces were old, faded, and uninviting.  

The walls were drab. The windows let in little light. The vents were poorly placed. The floors were chipped and worn.


Living rooms with life

Now the living rooms convey style, warmth, and vitality.  Lexman completely changed the look and feel of these important spaces to be welcoming and inviting. 

Many good times will be shared with family and friends in these newly upgraded rooms.

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